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Are you ready to go retro? We are!

To celebrate the launch of our campaign to support Rimmel's 1960's inspired Retro Glam collection we're challenging users to go retro! We decided it would be good fun to put our money where our mouth is and went retro for the day as well! Check out the results below, and really get in the mood by listening to our 1960's inspired Spotify playlist

Our awesome #RetroGlam campaign works across the big social networks combining Vine, Instagram images and videos, Twitter and Facebook. Filming the recreation of the Rimmel Retro Glam look, we edited the 5 steps to get them down to perfect bite size tutorials. 

Embedding the Instavideos as the centrepiece of the 60's hub, we also included an abundance of content to keep the masses entertained, including the official TV spot as well as all the behind the scenes collateral that comes with it!

And if we may pique your Pinterest - we've created a bunch of Pin-able images to get you retro ready! And why not try your luck by tweeting or Instagramming your 60's look (#RetroGlam) – who knows you could end up as a part of the Retro Glam page!