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BIG Awards online showcase

What a night… The Campaign BIG Awards at Grovesnor House on Wednesday were far more than nefarious industry backslapping, they showed that digital is finally recognised as an integral part of advertising in the UK, not just an “honourable mention”. With BMB picking up a Gold and Silver BIGGIE(?!) for the iPint – still the best iPhone app IMHO (though our new one will pick up the gong next year, if only we were allowed to enter…).

Of course the only mention we got is in the back of the ‘book of the night’ with credit for all our digital work (read case study here) entering work would have strictly been a conflict of interest what with being involved with the judging n’all. (Take note those attempted bribes fell on deaf ears, you know who you are).

The Catch table witnessed our neighbours BBH wearing out the carpet traipsing up to the stage to collect 1,2,3… ?? Numerous awards – we lost count. Anyway, a great time was had by all, measurable by the extra bacon sandwiches and coffee in the office the following morning.

You can see all the winner and finalists (using the Catch made Haymarket awards platform) online at