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Catch Foosball Begins!

Competitors from all four corners of the office gather together for a shot at GLORY. The tournament league has been drawn and matches are taking place over the next few days.

While not as popular as its more well-known incarnation 'Football' or 'Jumbo Foosball', Foosball has become a cornerstone for Digital agencies all around the world. The competition is heating up and our competitive nature is starting to show:

"I'm down with playing dirty. I'll kick her in the shins if I have to." Ed Hallam

"I'm gonna kick all your asses" - Ryan Overeem

"I'm gonna rip them to shreds" - Alex Cullen

"This tournament should finally reveal who has the biggest balls." - Anne-Marie Neligan

"It's quite literally the seventh most interesting thing that has happened to me this week - a masterstroke. The infectious nature of London and all that occurred in 2012 has clearly inspired some deep and dark primeval urges within our team, and frankly - I'm all in" - Jon Hume

"I really hope I nail Jon Hume" - Rachel Ayres