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Hello you (you, you and you)

It's been a busy few weeks for new hires at the Catch HQ. We have bolstered our Design, Development and Client Services teams with Anne-Marie (Producer) and Renee (Production Executive) Ed (Art Director) and Leon (Senior Developer).

Hello… I'm Anne-Marie, and I'm the new Digital Producer at Catch – which means I like making gantt charts and telling people what to do… in my spare time. At work, I like controlling the Sonos (for the record the Dolly Parton medley was NOT my idea) and experimenting with new keyboard shortcuts. I love working on Carnaby Street and can be found drinking in the vicinity after work on most weekday evenings. It is my ambition to have my own boat one day - I just need to learn how to sail it first…

I’m the latest addition to Catch’s creative team. I moved to London this summer from Nottingham where I’ve been working as an Art Director for the past few years at Publicis. I’m a very, very nice man… except before my morning coffee and I’m very, very grumpy. I moved to London to drink your finest locally brewed ale and to really get my teeth into some great digital work.

Hi I'm Leon, I've just started as a Senior Developer at Catch, having spent the last few years at MTV. I love making websites, I even dream in PHP code sometimes. I'm also into liquorice tea, liquorice sweets (anything liquorice actually), and growing and combing my beard.

Hello. My name’s Renee. I’ve recently left the sunny shores of Sydney purely to gain employment at Catch and to learn to speak fluent Cockney slang. I’m really good at making bird noises, I get silly when I’m tired and I love the Cola Caterpillars from M&S. I’m excited to be working with the Catch crew and clients and I’m determined to climb the apples and pears of London’s digital scene.