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Introducing Alex...

Hello, conas ata tu? (how are you?) I’m the new girl joining the Client Services Team at Catch and have just flown in from Ireland where I have been working on accounts such as Nokia, Northern Bank, Pedigree Ireland, RTE (the national broadcaster) etc…and have worked on some great site builds, check out - the number one cheddar cheese brand in Ireland!

I am delighted to be ticking one thing off my Bucket list, London, YAY! I am currently looking for a home, so if you can help, do not hesitate to contact me - Sleeping on a floor has lost its appeal! I have a secret love for rap music, don’t judge me!! (I also LOVE Pick & Mix)

Excited to begin working as a Producer at Catch and getting to know the Soho area, however not looking forward to the effect that Soho will have on my bank balance :)