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Just launched: BBC Good Food Homepage Redesign

As part of a long term relationship with BBC Worldwide, we were recently asked to deliver a new and improved homepage for, and we’re pleased to announce that the new page is now live!

As one of the UK’s busiest websites and the first port of call for recipe hunters, the editorial team at BBC Worldwide were keen to introduce some new features to help both desktop and mobile users easily find their way to interesting content.

The new page includes a trending area that highlights the most popular and discussed content. For the most popular recipes we used the Google Analytics API to query page views and run a comparison on the past 7-days. This gets refreshed every 24-hours and so gives an accurate representation of what everyone has been cooking over the past week! This is all fully configurable in Drupal.

In addition there is a new breaking food news space, where the editors can offer advice and comment on the latest food issues and trends. Beyond this there are details on the latest exclusive offers and competitions - from foodie getaways to gourmet treats.

Check out the new page and get cooking!

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