A recent post over on the Digital Buzz Blog has a great infographic on the “Meteoric Rise Of Twitter”. Slightly US centric, but nonetheless interesting in proving the credibility of the network which many wrote off as a fad as little as 12 months ago. The numbers don’t lie, with a reported 55 million tweets per day in April of this year Twitter is here to stay.

While it’s been widely reported by the naysayers that Twitter is nothing more than a vocal minority of users creating the majority of the tweets, these numbers work hard to prove that while this may have been the case once upon a time, it’s no longer par for the course.

We’ve been on the bandwagon from an early stage, and have been touting its brand enhancing potential to all our clients for over 18 months now. While initially it felt a bit like an uphill battle, our current roster sees all our clients agreeing with the potential that harnessing Twitter as a platform with which to have meaningful engagement with the public has.

If you would like to find out more about how we have help made Twitter work for them, please get in touch.