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Prime Focus site launch

We’ve been working with the UK team at Prime Focus for the last 5 months developing the digital side of their global brand consolidation launch. We’ve just put the first phase live at

We built in Drupal, utilising buckets of Flash and AJAX. There are gigs of slick video content to browse featuring everything from VFX for Quantum of Solace, Dragonball: Evolutions, Harry Potter and Superman Returns to Kasabian & U2 pop promos and car ads. If you’re short on time check out the house showreel, it sums up their prolific output succinctly.

At a packed Odeon in Leicester Square last night, founder Namit Malhotra announced the transformation of its global facilities into a single global company under a new Prime Focus brand. This includes the consolidation of Prime Focus London, blue and Machine (UK), Post Logic and Frantic Films VFX (USA) and Prime Focus Group in India. This enables the Prime Focus ‘global digital pipeline’ by seamlessly interconnecting the 15 Prime Focus offices around the world.

London was chosen for the first launch event, the rebrand will continue to be unveiled through launch events in Los Angeles and Mumbai. Should be noted that certain members of the Catch team are still recovering from the one last night!

We continue to work with Prime Focus on a number of other equally exciting projects based around their new launch – watch this space.