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Rev Awards

We recently took part in a rebrand exercise, transforming the Rev Awards (formerly, the Revolution Awards). Our creative team designed the branding and site including the new Rev Awards logo which became the award trophy!

Friday 17th May the Rev Awards was host to the digital creative industry, recognising those who have created innovative digital communications over the past year. Did you get your hands on one of our new Rev Awards throphies? 

We couldn't be more excited that our rebrand of the Rev Awards was celebrated in style with our industry peers. It's fantastic to see the branding and new logo used on the website, throphies and a giant 15 foot tall sparkling centre-piece.

A rebrand is a daunting task for a brand and the agency responsible, but the success of the night and seeing how great the logo looks makes the entire task all worth while.

You can check out more pictures from the night on the RevAwards Flickr 

Check out the site here: