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Take The Stay Matte Challenge with Rimmel London

Our latest product launch for Rimmel London has just wrapped up, and yesterday the new campaign page went live!

In August, Rimmel London asked girls to take the "Stay Matte Challenge" - the challenge was introduced with a video (produced by Catch) inviting girls to enter the contest for their chance to put Rimmel's new formula foundation to the test.

Over 20,000 girls applied to take part, with 1,000 being chosen for the challenge. We asked them to test the foundation by wearing it everyday for a week to see how it held up to busy summer days, and then let us know their thoughts at the end of the challenge via a quick questionnaire.

A lucky 100 girls were chosen to feature on the campaign page - we've showcased photos of the girls looking flawless in the foundation alongside some fantastic quotes abot how well the foundation performed. 

Check out Stay Matte on the Rimmel London site today!