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SEO and social media go together hand in hand, which makes the crucial importance of your brand having a visible and effective search presence more complicated than ever.

Our approach to SEO is fundamentally wrapped up in our approach to social media campaigns. These two together raise your ranking, ultimately bringing increased traffic and conversions.

Our approach for the SEO part of our campaigns is usually structured as follows:

Consultancy: we get together with the key members of your team to discuss requirements, figure out priorities, and obtain all the background information we need to get started.

Keyword Analysis: we identify the search terms that are most important to your brand - focusing on choices that are realistic to rank for and effective towards conversions. This is fundamentally important: everything afterwards can be hindered if this part’s performed badly.

Audit: we perform an in-depth analysis of your site’s on and off-site performance to identify any barriers or weaknesses that are harming search visibility. We also identify opportunities that are relevant to your brand, such as local SEO, and make sure that competitors are considered, and measured against.

Strategy: we create a strategic plan, based on all the information that we’ve collated so far and with your collaboration: it’s invaluable to get your input on how your brand functions online. This strategy is presented to you, to make sure that everyone involved is comfortable with the direction that’s decided.

Preparation: we ensure that the site is ready and all needed systems are available. Most importantly, we need to make sure that Google Analytics - or an equivalent package - is in place, so that the impact of our work can be rigorously measure on a monthly basis.

Implementation: we get started, set targets, and collaborate and communicate with your team as we go. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop at all times, and specific actions will be transparently communicated to you each week.

Off-site SEO: we make sure that links are gained as they’re arguably still the most essential aspect of search. Our strategy will inform exactly how we achieve this but most campaigns will aim to gain links through link placements and the creation and promotion of useful content to attract links.

Reporting: we measure and report against the KPIs we’ve set, each month, and discuss the monthly figures with you to make sure that our ongoing work is refined and improved.

Integration: we connect our work: this point sits outside of the other steps, but it’s really important. We see SEO as integrated with all other forms of digital marketing, so we’ll work together with your other departments and campaigns to ensure that SEO isn’t isolated in an ineffective vacuum.

We can also offer the stages above - or a combination of them - as a tailored solution.


Interested in finding out more? Please get in touch with our Managing Director Jonathan Smith on: 0207 494 3554 or email