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User Experience Design.

The Catch philosophy to designing and building websites is to follow a user-centred design methodology.

By putting the user at the centre of the design and build process we can optimise the usability and usefulness of a website, creating effective and efficient products for our clients.

What's In It For Our Clients?

Large or small, all our clients stand to benefit from a UCD approach. It identifies and prioritises user journeys, goals and priorities and by improving processes.

  • UCD saves time and money in web projects
  • UCD means our clients users can focus on their goals, not on the technology
  • Users don’t return to websites they can not use
  • Satisfied users are more likely to become regular users and to recruit other users for the website

Our User Centric Design Approach

  1. Evaluate
  2. Research
  3. Design
  4. Test & validate

Over the last 5 years we have developed a unique collaborative process utilising workshops, user input and prototype testing to ensure that we are in the best possible position to produce a solution that fulfils your key objectives.


Interested in finding out more? Please get in touch with our Managing Director Jonathan Smith on: 0207 494 3554 or email