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Hosting Architecture.

No two web projects are ever quite alike, and so it follows that neither are the hosting requirements. But no matter what the size or scope of the project, security and reliability are paramount.

We are both an official Rackspace and Acquia partner. This allows us access to a huge range of hosting products and services from both organisations, and enables us to leverage these to suit our clients’ individual requirements.

In partnership with our two hosting providers, we work with you to specify the requirements surrounding your project. We look at aspects including the physical imprint of the website on the server, the expected traffic and your future scalability requirements. This ensures that we can create a tailored solution that suits no only your requirement for launch, but also works for your project in the long term.

We currently host a huge variety of websites and applications on a wide variety of platforms for our clients. From dedicated boxes, to cloud hosting and VPS solutions using content delivery networks (CDN) for optimal global performance.

We’re also well versed in Cloud hosting technology and have specced and produced many projects in the Cloud. Either the entire project sitting within the Cloud, or the database and website files on a dedicated server and associated uploaded files hosted on Amazon’s S3 Cloud solution.


Rackspace are the world's leader in hosting and Cloud computing. Since 2001 Rackspace has been hosting and supporting mission critical websites, internet applications, email servers, security and storage services for 6,000 customers.

They are focused and experienced in managing hosting solutions, from simple web servers to complex online applications and email solutions.

We get fast responses to critical issues, unlimited technical phone support, access to our huge online knowledgebase, guaranteed 100% network uptime and many other business-critical support features.


Acquia was founded by Dries Buytaert, the original creator and project lead of the Drupal project. They help accelerate Drupal usage by contributing to the advancement of the core technology and offering products, services and technical support to simplify the deployment and management of Drupal websites.

Specifically they offer their managed cloud hosting solution for websites and web applications built using Drupal. Their elastic, high availability architecture is highly tuned for optimal Drupal performance for some of the most demanding global websites.