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Baby Names by Bounty provides the UK’s most up to date information and inspiration for parents needing help naming their unborn children. The app comes pre-loaded with the latest names data, collected right from bedsides in maternity wards around the UK, by the dedicated Bounty team.

The app provides data sorted for boys / girls, the top 100, most popular names based on location and even suggested middle names and sibling names to match first names. Fun features like “shake to shuffle” are in place to randomly generate names, and the app also provides news content directly from the Bounty Baby Names news feeds.

If you are looking for some quick ideas, or a long term research tool the Baby Names by Bounty iOS app is perfect for you. Users can quickly share their favourite names, or maintain a short list of favourites for discussion with friends and family.

Key Features

  • Most up to date Baby Names data in the UK
  • Easy to use, and fun! Browse how you want, wherever you want.
  • Data can be search and sorted on a variety of criteria, as well as just browsing
  • Share your favourite names with your partner via Facebook, Twitter or email


By developing the app using the Titanium App Development Framework and SDK, future versions for iPad and Android can be created quickly and easily, with a reduction in investment for development time required to roll out across the multiple platforms. This approach provides great flexibility for future expansion to new app marketplaces, and provides a simple way to keep up to date with the latest handset advancements.