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MamaYe is about making life-saving changes for Africa’s mothers and babies, ensuring that they survive pregnancy and childbirth.

The website is part of a campaign to change fatalism to hope; apathy to action; maternal survival from side-issue to political priority; and best guesses into hard facts, with the overall goal of improving maternal and newborn survival in sub-Saharan Africa.


MamaYe uses evidence to engage the African public in the survival of mothers and newborns across the countries in which they are active, the website provides an essential resource for all the stakeholder groups for finding and sharing evidence. Tagging and categorisation tools allow users to find evidence quickly and easily.

MamaYe is a network of sites, covering Tanzania, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. The MamaYe site is comprised of information that is aggregated from the country sites and this is controlled by a comprehensive system of roles and permissions, making content management a quick and simple process for editors and admins alike. 

All of the sites have their own responsive templates, providing a great browsing experience on smartphones, tablets and smaller desktop displays, without the need for a set of dedicated mobile sites. 

Key Features

  • A Network of 6 sites, with multi-language functionality
  • Individual themes for each country
  • Developed in Drupal 7
  • Fully responsive design for mobile devices