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Present Aid

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Present Aid is Christian Aid's charity gift shop. When you purchase an ethical gift from Present Aid, you will be helping to fund Christian Aid's vital work to end poverty around the world. Catch were tasked with redeveloping the Present Aid virtual gifting platform from the ground up.


The main goal of the project was to replace the old system with a beautiful (but very functional) new open-source site developed using Drupal Commerce. At the same time we were able to integrate Present Aid into the key systems at Christian Aid (fulfilment, accounting, CRM etc) in order to provide a seamless experience for the end user, and dramatically reduce the amount of admin required to run the site.

We also introduced some new functionality to the site in the form of 'group giving'. Organisations such as schools and church groups can now put their money together to purchase some of the more expensive gifts (you can even buy a house!) or lots of smaller ones. The system allows the organiser to set up an account and invite people to donate, you can monitor the progress of the donation and users receive updates once their goal has been reached. It's a great way for groups to get together and fundraise, without the need for lots of admin for the organiser in charge.

The site also has a very flexible content management set-up, even providing admin users with the ability to apply seasonal themes to the site for Easter, Christmas etc as well as all the usual tools for updating and editing content, adding new products and reporting.

Key Features

  • Users can choose the perfect present from the wide range of life-changing gifts. 
  • Search for gifts by occasion, theme, price, region or recipient.
  • Every gift comes with a choice of posted, printed at home or e-card, with a personalised message inside
  • Group giving allows for raising money in groups
  • Integration with key business systems reduces admin