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Snazaroo challenged us to create a campaign to encourage families with young children to engage with their brand through a series of fun activities that mums and kids alike could participate in.


We created the idea of a virtual facepainting experience that could be enjoyed anytime, anywhere - the Snazaroo Virtual Facepainting iPhone app.

The application lets the user take new photos (or use ones from their photo reel), before giving the option to apply one of multiple guides over the selected photo. These guides offer step by step instructions for how to apply the paint (tigers, puppies, soldiers, angels etc.), and also functions as an alternative to painting the faces by hand.

The app uses the multi-touch functionality of the iPhone to pinch and zoom to get painting those hard to reach places, and enables the user to adjust the brush size as well as the opacity of the stroke.

The colour palette consists of preselected colours for each of the 16 applicable guides, though more colours can be used and even customised. To enable the user to correct their mistakes without having to start again, the application also features an eraser - as customisable as the paint brush.

Key Features

  • Multi-touch functionality of the iPhone to pinch and zoom
  • Adjust the brush size as well as the opacity of the stroke
  • Visit the store to purchase Snazaroo products
  • Sign-up for Snazaro email offers
  • Share your creations via Facebook

Beyond the app

Purchasing the featured face painting kits is possible from within the application, taking the user to Snazaroo's online store where even more products can be found. With integrated features such as email, SMS and Facebook sharing, we've also opened up the possibility for users to share their finished images via the world's favourite social network.

After launch, we worked with Snazaroo to create a supporting international facepainting competition, Fantastic Faces. This leveraged the traction that the iPhone app had gained by being featured as one of the Apple Apps of the week. Read about this part of our social media campaign here.