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Addressing misconceptions about teaching physics

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Our mission: be the best place for online support in teaching pre-19 physics

The Institute of Physics’s Spark platform is here to help teachers identify and address misconceptions about teaching physics. Their online CPD programme has been developed and delivered by experienced physics teachers and coaches offering tailored content to meet the needs of a wide range of teachers.

The programme covers all the domains of physics included on "IOPSpark" over the course of the academic year.

Key features of the platform:

  • Debunking misconceptions: materials to help teachers identify and address misconceptions
  • Trusted content: written by experts with a wealth of teaching experience
  • Physics focussed: tried and tested ideas for every physics classroom

Ways to explore

Explore by domain - Navigate through a rich variety of content organised by different areas of the curriculum like earth & space, or explore the links between different parts of the physics curriculum through the Physics Link Explorer.

Explore by collections - Collections are curated groups of resources (a bit like Spotify playlists). IOPSPark has recreated the Teaching Advanced Physics, Supporting Physics Teaching and Practical Physics groupings and sequences of resources using Collections.

IOPSpark provides access to rich content in both physics and physics pedagogy, giving you the tools you need to grow your teaching expertise.

Real world input

The Institute of Physics took a collaborative product mindset to heart, encouraging user feedback via an online form, and sharing the product roadmap via Trello so that the audience is able to see what is coming next.


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