26 Jul 2016

Just launched: ZSL Shop

This week Catch launched the brand new ZSL Shop website, built using Drupal Commerce!

The site showcases ZSL's wide range of animal related products and gives animal lovers the chance to contribute to ZSL's conservation efforts around the world while purchasing a variety of beautiful gifts (or something for themselves!).

All products are also categorised into collections pages that are listed in the main menu for users to easily find what they are searching for. Users can also add items to their wish list to share on their social channels or via email!

25 May 2016

Just landed: #CatsOnAPlane

We’ve just launched our latest social campaign for Thomas Cook Airlines to promote their ‘You Deserve Better’ mantra.

Cats may be furry and cute but they’re professional, demanding and used to getting their way. 

Tom Morey, Senior Group Marketing Manager at Thomas Cook Airlines, said: “No-one can assess comfort like a cat. They’re the hardest customers to please, which is why we wanted to test our new interiors with the best. And the results left the cautious kitties feline great.”

Our #CatsOnAPlane campaign consists of a series of films featuring 10 distinctive cats showcasing the comfort and service on offer from the airline (and its German sister airline, Condor).

The first in a series of ads shows a contemptible cat mellow its views on air travel. The campaign rolls out in the UK and Germany to inform viewers that they “deserve better” when going on holiday.

Cats are the undisputed champions of the internet. They’re fussy, demanding and know exactly what they want.

Jonathan Smith, Catch's Managing Director, added: "Cats are the undisputed champions of the internet. They’re fussy, demanding and know exactly what they want. What better way to put the airline’s service to the test. We love working with the team at Thomas Cook Airlines, they're fearless and you can't ask for more than that in a client."

Filmed on 2 planes, with 10 cats and over a gruelling 24 hours - This campaign and production was one of our most ambitious to date. We were literally herding cats.

Join the fun on social at #CatsOnAPlane www.facebook.com/ThomascookairlinesUK

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