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Reimagining the global Worldpay user experience with a focus on lead generation


As the “global leaders in modern money” Worldpay naturally have a complex business setup, and as their business had grown rapidly, their website has had functionality bolted on by a range of siloed internal departments across the globe, aimed at disparate audiences with no coherent cohesive content and UX strategy.

The user experience was fragmented and lead generation globally had suffered globally as a result. Worldpay needed a partner that could understand its key business requirements, in this case, increasing lead generation, whilst also enhancing the digital brand and overall user experience across the US, UK and Global markets.

“Simplification and consolidation of user journeys to ensure users are able to find the content to positively inform their purchase decision”


This was a global platform with many stakeholders and individual markets involved. We knew in order to deliver a product that met the businesses needs of today, but importantly, allow it to adapt and evolve over time we must approach this in an iterative and modular way.

We took a lean approach, with design and development working closely to develop modules and global visual design elements. We built a large library of these UI building blocks to enable dynamic content page creation.

As well as building and working with Worldpay to apply their refreshed brand to the site and develop a modern UI library we also re-architected the core user journeys, including simplification and consolidation to ensure users are able to find the content they’re looking for. Creating a clearer hierarchy of primary, secondary and tertiary CTAs to draw users to the main actions on the page.


We rolled out the new look and feel across the a full Drupal 8 build in a multi-phased approach. We advised and helped unify the content on, this combined with our new simplified user experience enables users to get the information they need quickly, in fact conversion increased by 6.8% after the new site release. We also facilitated the Incremental migrating of their existing content into a new and improved content managed experience.

“Designing the site in such a modular way meant that WorldPay had flexibility to rollout updates in the future”


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