07 Dec 2020

Promoting the value of hydropower worldwide

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) is a non-profit membership organisation that serves as the voice of sustainable hydropower worldwide. Catch is excited to announce that we’ve successfully helped them amplify that voice through a new website platform experience, launching in time to coincide with their 25th anniversary.

The new website provides the association a great platform with which to continue their 25-year journey promoting the benefits of hydropower and the adoption, recognition and exchange of sustainable practices while offering a compelling argument for both individuals and companies to support their mission.

“We set Catch Digital a daunting challenge: to deliver a cutting-edge website that would help to reposition and rebrand IHA’s digital presence. The team was hugely impressed with their creativity, resourcefulness and attention to detail. We are delighted with the final result.”

Will Henley, Head of Communications IHA

Despite the challenges of remote working during lockdown, our teams were able to seamlessly collaborate through virtual workshops, and deliver success.

We’re excited to continue our partnership with IHA and support them in their commitment to responsible and sustainable hydropower.

You can check out their new site www.hydropower.org or read our full case study at the link below.

11 Nov 2020

Helping UK SMEs unlock the value of digital advertising

Today in collaboration with our client IAB UK, we've launched a tool to help UK SMEs unlock the value of digital advertising for their brand, products and services in order to drive more sales, raise awareness of their company and help them succeed.

In June 2020 IAB UK published a research piece "Powering Up". Drawing on evidence from nearly 1,200 UK SMEs, "Powering Up" explores how small businesses are using digital advertising, where they feel it excels and where more support is needed from the digital industry to help the market’s recovery in the wake of COVID-19.

Powering Up: Helping UK SMEs unlock the value of digital advertising

The tool was born out of one of the core pieces of feedback the research found being that SMEs need a tailored, interactive experience to help them discover why digital advertising is effective for reaching their customers and building brands.

The tool has two primary objectives:

  • Encourage SMEs who currently don’t invest in digital advertising to take their first steps
  • Empower SMEs who already spend on digital advertising to discover new channels and to use it more effectively

We continue to work with IAB UK on a rich roadmap of feature improvements for their website. 

To find out more about the SME Tool, visit www.iabuk.com/poweringup/tool

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