01 Dec 2016

Celebrating beauty

Producing a range of beauty tutorial content as part of our complete digital overhaul of Manhattan Cosmetics

As part of our complete digital overhaul of Manhattan Cosmetics; including an entire redesign and development of their brand website. We helped produce a range of beauty tutorial content to feature on the new site and across social platforms.

Over the course of 6 months we have produced a range of large scale beauty tutorials from productions with celeb status make-up artists’, elevated blogger style looks, to intricate nail art tutorials. Each piece of content provided the consumer with a totally immersive brand experience.

Art direction

We worked with brand ambassadors and celeb make-up artists to help define and create not just the look and feel of the video, but even make-up look briefs... all the way down to the style of the models' eyebrows. Our involvement with each aspect of the visual aesthetic, collaboratively with make-up artists ensured we maintained a brand look and feel across all videos we produced.

The Beauty blogger

The internet is saturated with beauty tutorial content shot by vloggers and beauty experts at home. Catch identified the need to utilise a beauty vlogger’s influence and personality. Creating content that gives those vloggers a platform to be seen and heard even further than their current viewership.

Our creative direction for these pieces of content is always to create something that is grounded in reality, but with a production quality and execution that wouldn’t be able to achieve in a vlogger’s bedroom. From the lights through to final edit, the ‘at home’ content creator can be celebrated for being given the ‘brand’ treatment.

Creating visually slick and stunning vlogger tutorial content that shows the brand not competing with the vast sea of beauty vloggers and tutorials, but collaborating and celebrating with unique and inspiring talent.

The nail artist

We’re always considering new ways to tackle content for a market that is full of beauty tutorials. When it came to inspiring and educating women about the new range of ‘Last & Shine Nail Polish’, we kept it simple.

Working with a professional nail artist and a world famous hand model(!) we created striking nail art in our studio. Letting the nail art do the talking. Later turning the content into step-by-step short form videos and animated gifs - delivering content in multiple formats design for social sharing.

Each piece of content provided the consumer with a totally immersive brand experience

Behind the scenes

Since working with many of our Vloggers and influencers we’ve been pivotal in championing new talent, Zoe Newlove began working with us for COTY brands with a following of 9,000. We found her and felt her personality and tone of voice worked perfectly for the brand - a year on she now has over 30,000 followers across her platforms and blogs - we see big things for Zoe.

Another insider fact, our hand model used in the ‘Last & Shine Nail Polish’ videos has her hands insured for £5million! She shared her hand beauty secrets with us; including wearing white gloves on the beach and never doing the washing up!

02 Nov 2016

Hello Framestore

This month we're proud to welcome Framestore to our client roster.

Framestore bring extraordinary ideas to life in any space or screen, through craft, imagination and technology. With a fantastic heritage in visual effects for the big screen, Framestore’s work is now found across the advertising industry, as well as in emerging technologies including virtual, augmented and mixed realities, television, digital installations and more.

The company has picked up every industry award going, including the Oscar, BAFTA and VES Award for 2014’s Gravity.

We're excited to be working with the global team utilising a range of our skills including user experience design and technical development.

Watch this space!

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