Consolidation and efficiency for a tech giant


Catch has designed and built a transformative CMS platform for Sharp's European presence, providing every aspect of audience research and definition, UX/UI design and technical development.

Sharp Electronics is one of the world's leading technology manufacturers, employing over 49,000 people globally.

The challenge

Sharp's existing ecosystem contained many separate websites, managed on a per market basis, across numerous web CMS platforms resulting in a huge amount of technical debt and inconsistent brand messaging across all European markets.


The objective

Create a CMS platform that empowers individual markets to tailor their website content to their needs in their local language, while inheriting content from a “global” level. Dramatically reduce time to market for digital content, increase lead generation and provide brand consistency across 25 countries.

Defining our EU audience

We worked with the Sharp team to define the different types of users the site needs to cater to, drilling down into their needs, behaviour and current pain points.

While we identified a range of personas which we factored into our thinking, we selected three to expand upon in order to focus our user testing and ensure its effectiveness:

  • Head Teacher (Education)
  • IT Manager (Business)
  • Purchaser (Business)

Component based digital design

A large part of the driving force for the re-platforming project has been the ambition to update Sharp’s digital look and feel. 

We developed a new design concept for the visual style of the website, resulting in the delivery of a digital component library to house the new visuals.

EU-wide success delivered

We delivered a transformative CMS platform for their European presence, providing every aspect of audience research + definition, UX + UI design and technical development.

  • Global content delivery, local market control
  • Drupal 9 CMS, with secure 2FA log-in
  • Multi-core integrations with legacy systems, CRM and DAM
  • Digital component library powering 20+ EU websites, can be extended to power Sharp globally ensuring brand consistency worldwide
  • Improved content authoring experience; version control, audit trail, global approval
  • Optimal CWV performance
  • Built on Acquia Drupal hosting platform

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