30 Nov 2018

Data driven personalisation

As Acquia partners, we’ve worked with their Lift product for several of our clients, employing the platform in different ways.

Acquia Lift allows us to gather the insights we need to create and deliver targeted, in-context experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Our most recently launched project (now live in beta) leverages and extends Lift and Content Hub to provide a truly personalised browsing experience for Institute of Physics members.

IOP’s personalised platform

Using the Content Hub component of Lift, we syndicate content from a range of the IOP’s digital properties, all built on different platforms. As Lift only accepts content from Drupal sources, we created a Drupal-based proxy - called CHAP (Content Hub API Proxy) - which passes the content up to the Content Hub platform for syndication. 

That content is then displayed alongside on-site content on the IOP’s new web platform (designed and built by Catch). There, members can log in and - using our simple onboarding process combined with the all-new global taxonomy we devised - personalise their experience with the IOP.

See Acquia Lift for The Institute of Physics at http://beta.iop.org, or get in touch with us to learn more about how we can deliver targeted, in-context experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty for you.

28 Oct 2018

Acquia partnership

Acquia.com is the destination for customers looking for digital experience expertise, and Catch being an official Acquia Partner puts us with some of the most capable and talented digital leaders to be found anywhere in the world, as Acquia themselves write on their partnership website.

With our core focus on the end to end customer experience, Drupal is a key platform that enables us to power engaging and personalised customer experiences, and we've worked with Acquia on a wide range of Drupal related projects, including, SES, Institute of Physics, Watford FC, University of Salford, and BBC GoodFood.

"Acquia initially offered managed cloud hosting and fine-tuned services for Drupal, and has now grown to provide a fully loaded digital experience platform with Drupal at its core"

We're all about community empowerment for Developers, and are active in the open-source community ourselves. Engaged and knowledgable developers better the Drupal community, and this enables support for all the organisations that leverage Drupal to power their digital customer experiences.

At the heart of the Drupal community is Acquia, the leading cloud platform SaaS company. Having Dries Buytaert, the co-founder of Acquia and the creator of Drupal, develop this program provides an enormous amount of credibility within the community.

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you get the most from your Drupal project, or how we can make Drupal work for your organisation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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