10 Jan 2019

Congrats to our Drupal Grandmaster

Congratulations to Liam, one of our Senior Developers, for attaining the Drupal Grandmaster certification.

To achieve Grandmaster status you have to prove your Drupal development capabilities by passing three Drupal certifications by Acquia for Drupal 8 within 12 months. Having achieved this earlier this month, Liam joins the hallowed ranks of just 150 developers globally to be considered a true Grandmaster.

All credit to Liam and the team, this accreditation lends weight to proving that Catch uses best practices and proven methods to create robust and maintainable platforms powered by Drupal.

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you get the most from your Drupal project, or how we can make Drupal work for your organisation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Congratulations Liam!

30 Nov 2018

Data driven personalisation

As Acquia partners, we’ve worked with their Lift product for several of our clients, employing the platform in different ways.

Acquia Lift allows us to gather the insights we need to create and deliver targeted, in-context experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Our most recently launched project (now live in beta) leverages and extends Lift and Content Hub to provide a truly personalised browsing experience for Institute of Physics members.

IOP’s personalised platform

Using the Content Hub component of Lift, we syndicate content from a range of the IOP’s digital properties, all built on different platforms. As Lift only accepts content from Drupal sources, we created a Drupal-based proxy - called CHAP (Content Hub API Proxy) - which passes the content up to the Content Hub platform for syndication. 

That content is then displayed alongside on-site content on the IOP’s new web platform (designed and built by Catch). There, members can log in and - using our simple onboarding process combined with the all-new global taxonomy we devised - personalise their experience with the IOP.

See Acquia Lift for The Institute of Physics at http://beta.iop.org, or get in touch with us to learn more about how we can deliver targeted, in-context experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty for you.

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