08 Apr 2019

The Game of Thrones chatbot is back!

Game of Thrones’ last season is looming on the horizon *cries internally* and no one is ready to let go. Thank the Lord of Light for seven (Gods and) seasons! But let’s face it, no one has time to rewatch it all - what better way to refresh your memory than chatting to GoTBot?

Our multi-award winning GoTBot has been given an update in preparation for the final season (starting this coming Sunday, as if you didn't already have it in your calendar).

To launch Facebook Messenger and start chatting to GoTBoT click m.me/G0TB0T

If you really want to geek-out on GoTBot, read our case study on how we built Gotty, as we affectionally call him.

01 Apr 2019

Drupal, beer & pizza

We had a great time hosting Drupal Show & Tell last Thursday, the first of a series of events in our wonderful new studio on Great Pulteney Street.

We had the largest turnout in recent times for Drupal Show & Tell, so thanks to everyone for coming down and making the event a great success.

The first talk was from our own development team entitled "Reacting to progressively decoupled Drupal". Gary, Alberto, George and Liam talked through how we are using React components powered by Drupal content, within Drupal sites, to deliver a more immersive UI for end users.

The second talk was "How Invotra leveraged Drupal to build the world's best intranet SaaS product" by Billy Clackers & Nqobile Dube from Invotra. Billy spoke about UX/functional/content and Nqobile discussed infrastructural and performance/scaling challenges.

To get in involved in future Drupal Show & Tell events visit www.meetup.com/drupal-show-and-tell

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